Jim Clark – Letter to the Winnipeg Free Press

Re: Province to cut workforce costs by 2.2 per cent (May 5)

Revenue for Manitoba universities was $1.37 billion in 2017-2018, according to the latest data from the Canadian Association of University Business Officers.

Sixty per cent ($800 million) of funding came from university operations: fees ($242 million), donations and investments ($109 million), federal research grants ($124 million), contracts ($100 million), sales of services ($87 million), and miscellaneous sources ($141 million). Forty per cent ($570 million) came directly from the province.

These figures somewhat mask actual sources. Tuition from students and families came in part from Canada student grants and loans ($71 million), from dedicated RESP accounts and from foreign students. And some provincial money came from the Canada Social Transfer ($500 million) and federal equalization payments ($1.82 billion).

Given university funding is diverse and represents over two per cent of Manitoba’s GDP, caution is needed or cuts may compromise programs and external funding, violate expectations of sources and further weaken the Manitoba economy.

Jim Clark
Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations