Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk and Paul Betts – Letter to Premier Brian Pallister and UW President Annette Trimbee

Good morning!

I feel the need to write about this to people who are being asked/told/negotiating/making decisions on our behalf.  We are professors in Education at the University of Winnipeg and Brian Pallister is our MLA.

I have heard that our provincial health budget is in excellent shape at the moment due to the low number of COVID-19 cases here.  I would like a public statement of the current health budget before any cuts are made to other sectors.  Last night on the news I watched pleas from doctors that their medical practices were empty.  

Now is not the time to save for a rainy day- especially at the post secondary expense.  Our 20 year old daughter is trying to get ahead with university coursework because she cannot find a job.

I have never ever been working so hard since as an Education faculty member since COVID-19 hit to support teachers and parents with on-line programming, keep students employed, along with preparing for courses, and conducting active research.  Cuts now will affect my ability to prepare high quality Fall courses in these uncertain times.

If you want all hands on deck, I expect every politician and civil servant to follow through with the same measures being imposed on other Manitobans who are also working hard to help others in this difficult time.

Thank you for your time.  I look forward to a response from my MLA that this letter has been read, and our position is understood.  Of course, we are available to answer any questions.

Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Ph.D. & Paul Betts, Ph.D.

Faculty of Education

University of Winnipeg