Anonymous UWFA Member – Letter to Premier Brian Pallister

I am writing to you about the disturbing news of cuts to post-secondary education. While I understand that resources must be prioritized towards the front lines right now, I also think we need to have a province to come back after COVID-19.

Students deserve to be respected for their work and to be permitted to continue to progress in their programs. Professors have quickly moved to online teaching (at a cost to their universities), and we are stretching ourselves to provide the services for our students in new ways. Moving forward, it is likely that next semester‘s classes will also be offered online, requiring professors to work through the summer to modify their instruction and courses. Moreover, the University of Winnipeg has been disproportionately underfunded compared to the other universities and has also cut each year that we’ve been asked. There’s not much left to cut. So, while I recognize that we are in an emergency situation and that priorities must be set, 30% is just too extreme.